Rechargeable Magic Multi-Function Cleaning Brush

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Make Cleaning Easier

  • Starts 360° rotation with one button, produces ​a powerful strength, which can make your cleaning tasks efficient and reduce your burden, for arthritis sufferers or women with less strength,electric cleaning brushes is excellent choice for housework.

3 Replaceable Brush Head

  • There are three different brush heads, nylon brush head is used for large-area cleaning, sea brocade brush head used in items that are easy to wear, lamb wool brush head for items Further cleaning after washing,have polishing effect.

USB charging and Waterproof

  • Equipped with 800 mAh lithium battery,USB interface charging, super power storage capacity, can be used continuously for 120 minutes,thoroughly clean and wipe the dirt,enough for daily cleaning.

Easy and time-saving

  • Ergonomically designed for cleaning,more convenient,no more dirty hands, relaxes knees and back,clean stains and dirty spots, and saves effort and time .

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